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03 May 2008

Review: B Restaurant

Few things hit the spot better on a dreary, drizzly, mildly-hungover Saturday than a big piping hot serving of fresh, homecooked brunch. Lucky for Dave and I, a couple of our good pals and their adorable toddler Erin came to visit us on this particularly gray weekend with the express purposes of chowing down on some brunch and catching up with eachother. We had heard good things about B Restaurant (2210 Dundas West) in Roncesvalles Village, so we dragged our sleepy butts out into the rain in search of delicious eggs.

B is a cozy little space with an open kitchen and eclectic decor, and appears to do brisk business on Saturday afternoons -- the place was packed! Fortunately, a group was just leaving when we arrived, so we were promptly seated and given some water to sip on while we perused the giant blackboard menus on the walls. B specializes in brunch and lunch, with a wide variety of eggy goodness alongside some amazing-sounding french toast (with berries and brie!), something called the "Hobo Scramble" (may contain hobos), and at least a dozen unique and mouth-watering sandwiches and burgers. Three of us were drawn to the eggs benny with tomato, corn, and jalapeno, while Dave went for the omelet with duck and apple sausage and Erin chose "tupperware Cheerios."

It should be noted that our waitress was amazing -- super friendly and attentive, and quick to bring replacement cutlery when Erin decided that forks belong on the floor. When she brought our food out, we were overwhelmed by the cuteness of the little radish "B" that we found on top of our side salads. Once we got over the thrill of novelty garnishes, we noticed that the rest of our meals looked damn good as well. Those of us with the eggs benny found two perfectly-poached eggs atop homemade biscuit halves with fresh tomato slices and a flavourful corn and jalapeno sautee. The whole mess was covered in a heavenly buttery-tasting hollandaise and sided with crispy and nicely spiced homefries. This was probably one of the most delicious brunch dishes I've ever tasted, and definitely the best eggs benedict I've experienced. Dave was also impressed with his fluffy omelet stuffed with big slices of sausage and juicy chunks of apple. With regard to her Cheerios, Erin said, "Zababababa."

I think B is my new favourite brunch spot, and I can't wait to go back to try some more items from its ridiculously tasty menu. This is homecooked comfort food at its best, and I couldn't have imagined a better hangover cure on this rainy Saturday.

10 soylent hobos out of 10
(why not? -- a bellyfull of rich and delicious hollandaise is making me feel generous)



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