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30 September 2006

Review: Mr. Pita

I'm always on the lookout for great take-out spots in our neighborhood for those times when I don't feel like cooking. Pizza or Thai are usually our standbys, but Dave and I recently came across a new spot, Mr. Pita (3358 Dundas St W), that offers a refreshing change from our typical take-out choices.

Mr. Pita is located in a small, unassuming building on the corner of Dundas and Runnymede. The decor is standard take-out joint chic, with just a few eat-in tables surrounding the counter and cooking area where you place your order. Big windows let in a lot of light, giving the place a cheerful vibe. Also cheerful is the super-friendly owner, who is always generous with the smiles and warm welcomes when you step in the door.

The menu on the wall offers a number of Middle Eastern dishes, but on out most recent outing it was all about the falafel. Mr. Pita makes their falafel balls from scratch -- no frozen, dry choking hazards here. When you order the "Falafel Dinner" these delicious, spicy homemade morsels are piled on top of rice pilaf, stewed vegetables, tabouli, a slightly sweet coleslaw-like salad, pickled beets, fresh tomato, onion, and lettuce, and a generous serving of hummus. The whole thing is then topped with a creamy, savoury tahini dressing and house-made delicious hot sauce. Served with very fresh and soft pita bread, this is an amazing deal for $5.99.

As he assembles our meals, the owner is happy to chat and joke with us, throwing in a couple extra pieces of pita bread for free. The service at Mr. Pita is some of the most friendly and genuine that I have ever encountered. The food is delicious, but the main reason we will return to Mr. Pita (again and again) is the fact that it feels great to patronize local neighborhood spots like this where you know your money is going to a great guy.



Blogger Karen said...

There's a new (relatively speaking) place here in Edmonton called LaShish (118 and Jasper) which is very similar to Mr. Pita. Food is fabulous although the owners/staff aren't nearly as friendly as the guy you described. However it makes a great change from burgers, pizza and subs if you're looking for takeout.

6:28 PM

Blogger Loxy said...

I want Mr. Pita!

8:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy said
I passed buy one day buy the area and i discovered MR Pita by concidence. I tried Falafeal they were very delicious and the service was very efficient. The owner is very friendly.Since than i hav become regular.Each time i try something different and i am always happy and saticfied.Excelent food.

9:42 PM


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