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16 March 2007

Blogroll Updates!

I've added some new favourites to my blogroll at the right. Check them out!

lex culinara - Edmontonian lawyer by day, foodie by night, Lynette's blog features mouthwatering photography, restaurant reviews, and delicious-sounding recipes.

TasteTO - This new Toronto-centric group blog keeps me up-to-date on the local food scene with lots of well-researched and interesting articles.

The Amateur Gourmet - Adam is a Brooklynite who has been blogging about his food adventures since 2004. His blog is always good for a laugh, and 've learned a lot from it too!

Michael Ruhlman - Acclaimed author and chef, Ruhlman really needs no introduction. His blog, which has a heavy focus on food in the media, always makes me think. Also, Anthony Bourdain guest-blogs here from time-to-time.

Of course, the rest of my blogroll is worth flipping through as well. Some of the best food writing in the world can be found in weblogs.


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