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04 October 2007

37 in 1001

I've decided to make a 101 in 1001 list. This is a challenge that has been floating around the Intarweb for a couple of years now, where the participant makes a list of 101 tasks that she would like to complete within 1001 days (roughly 2.75 years).

As I finished my list today, I noticed that a big chunk (about one third) of my tasks are food-related -- I guess that goes to show where my interests lie! These 37 tasty tasks are listed below, and I'll blog about each of them as they're completed. My deadline is July 2, 2010. Wish me luck!

1. Cook a whole lobster
2. Eat some Chicago-style pizza in Chicago
3. Make some Chicago-style pizza at home
4. Eat at one of Perigee or Splendido Done!
5. Bake a loaf of bread
6. Go on a picnic
7. Watch Tampopo Done!
8. Make a pie from scratch
9. Barbeque once per week for a month
10. Cook a complete Indian dinner (including bread!)
11. Be able to say I've cooked something out of every cookbook I own
12. Grow tomatoes
13. Make pupusas
14. Make authentic polenta
15. Go vegan for one week
16. Eat at every restaurant in the Junction
17. Go to a farmer's market
18. Go to a "U Pick" fruit farm
19. Make apple butter
20. Make fresh ravioli
21. Throw a retro (as in "ham mousse") dinner party
22. Go on a brewery tour
23. Do a beer tasting
24. Go for upscale Greek on the Danforth
25. Eat dinner at Live
26. Get my cholestorol checked
27. Make a souffle
28. Try a new restaurant in Chinatown
29. Go for dim sum
30. Try Humboldt Fog goat cheese
31. Eat a traditional English breakfast (EBCB)
32. Make popcorn on the stove
33. Make mango and sticky rice
34. Eat a mushroom-based meal (I hate mushrooms!)
35. Eat Alphaghetti or Zoodles with toast Done!
36. Check out the Beach and try Cajun Corner
37. Cook something in my bamboo steamer



Blogger Chris! said...

I'd better be invited to that ham mousse party.

And that Splendido place looks fantastic! I didn't know I lived so close.

7:32 PM

Blogger alex said...

There are a number of things on your list I've been meaning to do, too! Perhaps we could join forces on a few!

5:41 PM

Blogger Alana said...

For sure, Alex!

8:23 PM

Blogger alex said...


7:14 PM


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