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18 March 2007

They Don't Attract Mosquitos

Doritos are, far and away, my favourite snack food. They're crunchy, packed with salty flavour, and triangular! How can you go wrong?

Frito-Lay tailors its Dorito flavours to its different geographic markets. For example, in Canada, we've been lucky to get quite a few tasty Dorito flavours lately: Guacamole, Dill-icious, Sweet Chili Heat, and Tandoori Sizzler. Because of this geographic variation, I love to track down the local versions whenever I travel. Doritos are my favourite souvenirs!

Recently, Dave was in Baltimore and picked up two new ones for me: Fiery Habanero and Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch. The Fiery Habanero ones were definitely fiery -- I could only eat a few Doritos at a time before putting the bag down to guzzle some water. They tasted pretty much like Spicy Nacho (a flavour available here in Canada), except with the heat boosted several notches. Spicier Spicy Nacho? I don't think I would go out of my way to get these again (they're a little painful to eat), but they were fun to try.

The Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch were more favourful than the Habanero -- they tasted like a cross between Cool Ranch and Spicy Nacho. I liked these ones quite a bit, but I don't think they're my favourite Doritos evar. That crown goes to the classic Nacho Cheese.


Blogger Superdude said...

Humpty Dumpty Chips (the Atlantic Canadian faction for the Obesity Patrol) makes a curried potato chip. I really don't like curry most of the time, but I like them! Chips!

7:26 PM

Blogger Alana said...

Neal, you should try the tandoori Doritos. They're surprisingly good.

4:51 PM


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