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01 April 2007

The Best Easter Candies EVER

Every Easter, I track down some Cadbury Mini Eggs because I love their sweet, creamy chocolate centres and their slightly gritty, matte, sugary shells. Mostly, I think it's their funny little egg shapes that make them so much better than plain old Cadbury chololate. My favourite way to eat them is to suck on them so the thin shell dissolves and gives way to melty choco-goodness: I never bite.

This year, Cadbury made these little guys even better, and blew my mind a little, by throwing pop rocks into the mix! As these new "Popping Mini Eggs" dissolve on your tongue, the pop rocks fizz and crackle against the roof of your mouth. They are so. Much. Fun. Sizzly chocolate! You can watch a cute ad for these weirdo egg-bombs here.

I think my new favourite seasonal treat is only available until Easter (next weekend), so track them down, if you can. You won't be disappointed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bought these by accident thinking they were the micro mini eggs and i'm not a big fan. The popping on the roof of my mouth is more weird that it is fun :(

If you haven't tried the Mircomini version yet... do so. They're amazing

2:12 PM


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